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Friday, April 3, 2009

Archived Webinar: How Microsoft used Games to Prevent Defects

Presenter: Ross Smith, Director of Windows Security Test
Date/Time: Previously recorded
Cost to Attend: Free
View Archived Recording: Click Here

Snowfly is proud to welcome guest presenter Ross Smith, Director of Windows Security Tests for Microsoft and author of “The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention." Ross and his team have spent several years developing and deploying “productivity games” to help improve the quality of Windows and to get work done. Their work was the subject of a recent case study by the London School of Business: "Game On: Theory Y meets Generation Y."

The increasing presence of the "Gamer Generation" has forced many organizations to come up with a better way to motivate and inspire employees. When you take into consideration the obvious effect that video games have had on today's workforce, there seems to be a perfect opportunity to design work as a game and re-engage employees and improve productivity.

In this exclusive webinar event Ross will Cover:

  • Stories of successful game deployments
  • Unsuccessful game deployments
  • What jobs or tasks make good candidates for games and areas to steer clear of
  • Rewards and prizes for winning
  • Game Design with an immediate ROi (hint, small I, big R)