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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Contact Center Incentives" group formed at LinkedIn


Laramie, WY – September 8, 2009. A good contact center agent incentive program is the best way to take KPI’s, agent analytics and scorecards and turn the data into action. However, with over 320 LinkedIn groups with the words “contact center” or “incentives” in their names, it’s not surprising that finding the best group to ask questions, find answers and sharing best practices about agent productivity can be an overwhelming and time consuming challenge.

Questions about agent motivation, incentives, turnover (especially early-stage), attendance, adherence, call quality, upselling, increasing collections and improving KPI’s are scattered among numerous LinkedIn groups. In many cases the same question is posted on many different groups thus preventing other interested parties from seeing or contributing the best answer because they’re following the wrong group.

To provide a central location to post and monitor questions, share best practices and exchange ideas there is now a dedicated LinkedIn group to address the specific needs of contact centers with questions about agent incentives, motivation and improving KPI’s. The group is called “Contact Center Incentives” and was launched in early September. The group is already in the top half of Contact Center groups and in the top third of Incentive group listings by number of members.

About Contact Center Incentives: The group was founded by Robert Cowen, an experienced contact center subject matter expert in the field of agent incentives and motivation. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Robert Cowen at 248-324-1161 or email